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Neurodiverse Couple Counselling

Differences in how neurotypical and neurodivergent partners often experience and express

their emotions can lead to ongoing misunderstanding and conflict.

Common patterns include:

partner walking away when things get emotional

difficulty socialising with friends and family

lack of agreement on parenting styles 

heated emotions

problems with intimacy and emotional connection

lack of empathy

feeling like you are parenting your partner

Counselling will help you understand each other’s needs and expectations while accepting

and appreciating your partner's natural style and unique strengths.

Working on maintaining positive, healthy boundaries for clear, constructive

communication can lead to deeper and more satisfying connection.

Supporting Loved Ones

Being there for someone who's overwhelmed and struggling can take its toll. 

Whether attending individually or as a family group, we will create a safe place to develop

understanding and explore ways to improve your relationships and personal wellbeing. 

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