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Starting counselling is a big step and I strive to provide a thoughtful and supportive place where

it is safe to explore challenging situations and difficult feelings.

Whether attending as a teenager, adult, couple or family, your needs will guide our direction and pace. We'll enable opportunities for reflection, to develop self-awareness and insight, consider alternative perspectives and make informed choices.

As a neurodiversity-affirming therapist, I value our inherent variation and your right to be authentic, unique… yourself. I also recognise the need to “fit in”.

Our therapeutic work will seek to bridge these two ideals. 

What to expect at your first session You may feel a little nervous so it's fine to bring a support person with you. Some people jot down notes prior to attending and you’re also welcome to bring any background information that you think might help us better understand your situation. The session lasts an hour and I hope you will quickly feel at ease as we begin to understand your difficulties, discuss your hopes for therapy and explore how we would work together. Towards the end, we’ll decide if we’re a “good fit” and agree on next steps.

Based in Onehunga, Auckland

Online sessions available 

Clinical Supervision

Disability Allowance / Gumboot Friday(5-25yrs)EAP (Clearhead)

I look forward to hearing from you.

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